Accessing Kissflow APIs

As a Kissflow user, you can find all documented APIs by accessing the link

Soon after you land on this page, you'll be prompted to enter your API subdomain. Clear all browser cookies and refresh the page if you're not shown this popup. You can then navigate and search specific APIs using the search bar. Here, you can execute particular APIs using the native API tester.

To test APIs,

  • Click the Try It button.
  • Then, the radio button will pick the Access Key or API-key-based header authentication.
    If you have selected the Access key, enter your unique API Access Key ID and secret. Enter your private API key generated inside Kissflow settings for the API key.
  • API calls can be tested using cURL, Node, Ruby, JavaScript, or Python arguments.

Resource URIs

The URIs used by our API have a dynamic base URI followed by the resource or collection URI.

Base URI

The base URI is composed of the following parts:


To maintain a fair distribution of resources among API users and prevent abuse, a limit of 400 API calls per minute can be made.